New York

Volunteers removing a derelict vessel from a shoreline in New York


New York's Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

ADV Program?


ADV Legislation?


State Funding?


New York does not have a formal program for removing and disposing of abandoned or derelict vessels, or any general laws that specifically address ADVs. New York does have abandoned vehicle laws, but vessels do not fall under the definition provided for vehicle under these statutes.


The State of New York does not have a dedicated funding source to pay for the removal and disposal of abandoned or derelict vessels.

Legislative Overview

In New York, abandoned and derelict vessels that are considered “wrecks” by the state and are governed by the disposition of wrecked property under the state’s navigation laws. Under Article 10, Wrecks, the county sheriff has the authority to take possession of wrecked property in the name of the state. The provisions under Article 10 also address notification requirements, salvage claims and disposal (sale), but are primarily directed at the property that is found within a wreck and not the wreck itself.

Point of Contact

The navigation laws of New York are administered by the Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

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