Activities and Curricula

Download an assortment of puzzles, brain-teasers, coloring activities, and formal curricula for Grades 1-12. All curricula and activities are available for download and print!


Word Unscramble Cover.

Marine Debris Unscramble

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unscramble.pdf (83.08 KB)
NOAA Coloring Book Cover.

NOAA Coloring Book

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MDcolorbook.pdf (9.52 MB)

Marine Debris Magnet Craft Activity

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Marine Debris Activity Book.

Understanding Marine Debris: Games and Activities for Kids of All Ages

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Protect Our Oceans Activity Book.

Protect Our Oceans: Coloring Book

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ProtOceans.pdf (1.62 MB)


Cover of Washed Ashore Integrated Arts Marine Debris Curriculum Summary.

Washed Ashore Integrated Arts Marine Debris Curriculum

Cover of the Science Literacy Project Standards-Based Curriculum.

Science Literacy Project Standards-Based Curriculum

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First page of HWF curriculum summary.

Marine Debris Keiki Education & Outreach Program

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Talking Trash and Taking Action.

Talking Trash and Taking Action

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An Educator's Guide to Marine Debris.

An Educator's Guide to Marine Debris

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Comprehensive, Web-based Marine Debris STEAMSS Curriculum

Marine Debris Curriculum.

Turning the Tide on Trash

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Educator's Guide to Marine Debris: SE and Gulf of Mexico.

Educator's Guide to Marine Debris in the Southeast and Gulf of Mexico