Graphic of a sea turtle eating a plastic bag and fish swimming around marine debris. (Credit: NOAA)
The Marine Debris Song

The Marine Debris Song tells a tale about marine debris impacts and how we can help. The song is a fun tool to talk about marine debris in classrooms and for informal education activities. It includes six verses, each of which is repeated twice, and is an easy song to use with kids since the first time each verse is sung, each line is echoed. This means that students don't have to learn the words ahead of time and the song can be pulled out as a quick and engaging marine debris activity.


A hungry fish
looked for some lunch,
but what he found
you shouldn't munch.

He saw some eggs
(at least he thought),
but when he bit,
he felt distraught.

You see those eggs
were plastic bits,
so when he ate,
then he felt sick.

How can we help
our poor fish friend?
We can help out--
it's not the end!

We can pick up
the trash we use.
Reduce, reuse,
recycle, too!

We'll do our part--
that is the key!
Together we'll
stop marine debris!

(Lyrics by Krista Stegemann)