Marine Debris Clearinghouse

A Google map of projects in Washington State
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The Marine Debris Clearinghouse is an online database that serves as the federal government's hub of information for marine debris stakeholders. This resource benefits the nation's coastal managers, researchers, and communities as they work to study and mitigate marine debris and its impacts. It is intended to help improve the state of knowledge on marine debris, promote collaboration, and spark ideas for prevention and mitigation.

In its initial phase, the clearinghouse contains information on the NOAA Marine Debris Program's planned, on-going, and historical marine debris projects related to removal, research, and outreach. The site's sophisticated search function allows users to query specific project data, such as date and description, location, or marine debris type, and interact with the results in maps, timelines and lists.

The clearinghouse will grow to include a library of documents, including best practices, regional action plans, technical documents, and papers that reflect the state of knowledge of a given topic area within marine debris study.