Marine Debris Tracker App

Kids on the beach are picking up debris.
Citizen scientists in action. Credit: SEA-MDI

The Marine Debris Tracker mobile app, originating in 2010, is a joint initiative between the NOAA Marine Debris Program and the Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative (SEA-MDI), run out of the University of Georgia College of Engineering.

The tracker app allows you to help make a difference by checking in when you find trash along our coastlines and waterways. This tool is a great way to get involved in local and global data collection – imagine being able to use your data to characterize the marine debris problem at your local beach, and also a similar marine debris problem at a beach that you may be visiting on a trip. You can select a customized list from any of the 25 plus organizations shown, available in a variety of languages, with a variety of debris-specific sections used to categorize and track items. You can then view the Top Trackers (individual users or groups that have excelled in their marine debris collection efforts) for that specific list.

Litter tracking is not just for the coasts – you can track debris picked up anywhere in the country, even a stream in Nebraska. The app records the debris location through GPS, allows you to select your favorite debris item(s), add a description to an item(s), attach photos of debris items to document with your log, and view the data on your phone. Submit the data to SEA-MDI’s Marine Debris Tracker website for viewing and download later, as well as track statistics posted in real time (requires registration, which is available on the app).

Download the app through your app store or android app on google play and start tracking today!