What's on the Beach Today?

Educator's Guide to Marine Debris: SE and Gulf of Mexico.

A coloring and sorting activity identifying an then discussing different types of debris hidden in a picture.

The Educator's Guide to Marine Debris in the Southeast and Gulf of Mexico is designed for educators in both formal and informal education situations. It is a regional introduction to three main categories of marine debris: litter; derelict or abandoned boats; and lost or abandoned commercial and recreational fishing gear. It is appropriate for grades 5-8.

Lesson Plans
Marine Debris Topics:  
• Types and Sources  
• Grade 3-5  
• Grade 6-8  
• Informal  
NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas:  
• PS1: Matter and Its Interactions  
• Earth Science  
• Physical Science  
Special Categories:  
• Crafts, Fun & Games  
• Class Discussion  
NOAA Regions:   • Gulf of Mexico  • Southeast
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