Funding Opportunities

The NOAA Marine Debris Program offers several nationwide, competitive funding opportunities for marine debris projects. These include: removal, prevention, and research grants.

All Funding Opportunities

North America Marine Debris Prevention and Removal Grants

The NOAA Marine Debris Program is seeking applications for projects that address marine debris issues in the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada border areas. Applicants interested in working in these areas and in collaboration with partners in Mexico and Canada must apply through the FY22 Marine Debris Removal or FY22 Marine Debris Prevention grant competitions.

Marine Debris Removal Grants

The NOAA Marine Debris Program offers funding that supports locally driven, community-based marine debris removal projects. These projects benefit coastal habitat, waterways, and wildlife including migratory fish. View removal projects funded in fiscal year 2020.

Marine Debris Prevention Grants

The NOAA Marine Debris Program provides funding to prevent the introduction of marine debris into the marine and coastal environment. Projects awarded through this grant competition will actively engage and educate a target audience in hands-on programs designed to raise awareness, reduce barriers to marine debris prevention (e.g., lack of access to waste receptacles or alternatives to single-use items), and encourage and support changes in behaviors to ensure long-term prevention of marine debris. View prevention projects funded in fiscal year 2020.

Marine Debris Research Grants

Marine debris is a relatively new field of research, and there are many opportunities to advance understanding of how debris impacts the environment. The NOAA Marine Debris Program offers funding for original, hypothesis-driven research projects focused on the ecological risk assessment, exposure studies, and fate and transport of marine debris. View projects funded in fiscal year 2019.

Fishing for Energy Grants

The NOAA Marine Debris Program supports marine debris projects through its Fishing for Energy partnership. You can read more about the program and find open grant opportunities here.

Applicant and Grantee Resources

This information is to assist applicants in applying for funding through the NOAA Marine Debris Program. It will also aid both applicants and grantees in understanding and meeting requirements involved in applying for and receiving federal funding.


Applying for federal funding can be complex. The information below helps applicants prepare a strong proposal and prepare for the requirements needed if an award is granted. Many of these documents are referenced in our Federal Funding Opportunities (Requests for Proposals) posted on