Shoreline Site Characterization Form

Cover of the Site Characterization Form.

This Site Characterization Form is used to establish and describe a shoreline survey site and is only completed once per site. The site characterization information is used to create a record in the NOAA Marine Debris Monitoring and Assessment Project database, and to describe site characteristics that are typically unchanging. Collecting this information ensures that a site can be mapped and returned to for repeated monitoring, and documents key features that can influence debris loads. Print this datasheet and bring it with you when you’re ready to establish a new site.

If you have questions about how to complete this form, please contact NOAA Marine Debris Monitoring and Assessment Project staff at

The Marine Debris Monitoring and Assessment Project (MDMAP) is a NOAA citizen science initiative that engages NOAA partners and volunteers across the nation to survey and record the amount and types of marine debris on shorelines. Participants in the MDMAP network select nearby shoreline monitoring sites that they return to routinely to conduct surveys and record information that can be used to compare amounts, locations, movement, sources, and impacts across the United States and internationally. Learn more about our monitoring efforts.

The collection of MDMAP information is authorized under the OMB Control Number included in the Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing Information Collection page.

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