Great Lakes Marine Debris Action Plan

Cover of the Great Lakes Marine Debris Action Plan.

The 2020 Great Lakes Marine Debris Action Plan was created by a voluntary, collaborative effort of 39 organizations from the United States and Canada to address marine debris through coordinated actions. This Action Plan encompasses work that will be undertaken in the next five years (2020-2025). The plan will be re-evaluated and updated in a mid-year review.  

Great Lakes Accomplishments Report

The Accomplishments Report documents the many actions taken over the five years of the Plan to reduce the impacts of marine debris in the Great Lakes. Through collaborative efforts, the Great Lakes marine debris community made great strides to address marine debris, completing 34 actions and continuing work on 17 additional actions. In total, 180,062 people were educated on the topic during 711 events and approximately 306,665 pounds of debris were removed by volunteers.
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