A volunteer removing corrugated roofing tin from an ocean shore.

Cleaning up after a typhoon in Tinian and Saipan

Mariana Islands Nature Alliance will assess, remove, and dispose of marine debris from Typhoon Yutu in areas of concern, such as the Tinian Harbor, and coastal areas, shallow waters, and reef lines that surround the islands of Tinian and Saipan.

Type of Project: Hurricane Response Marine Debris Removal Fund

Region: Pacific Islands

Project Dates: June 2020 - May 2023

Who is involved?
With support from the Hurricane Response Marine Debris Removal Fund, a partnership between the NOAA Marine Debris Program and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Mariana Islands Nature Alliance (MINA), in partnership with Johnson Applied Science, Latte Marine Construction LLC, and Tinian Shipping Company, will coordinate the assessment, removal, and disposal of typhoon generated debris in Tinian and Saipan.

What is the project and why is it important?
In October 2018, the category 5 super Typhoon Yutu caused widespread damage to the islands of Tinian and Saipan. As a result, MINA will focus on the removal of 70,000 pounds of marine debris from over 1,800 acres of coral reef and other sensitive coastal habitats in Tinian and Saipan. MINA plans to conduct towed diver surveys to develop site-specific plans for debris removal that will minimize impacts to coral reef organisms and habitat. This may include relocating corals that would likely be damaged during removal operations. 

Marine debris removal methods will include the use of large machinery in Tinian Harbor, but will be limited to manual (hands-on) methods in coastal waters and shorelines. The goal of this project is the restoration of wildlife and endangered species habitats in the coastal areas and shallow waters surrounding both islands through the removal of debris deposited by Typhoon Yutu.

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