Hurricane Michael Debris Assessment and Removal in the City of Mexico Beach

A derelict vessel grounded on the shore.

The City of Mexico Beach is completing an assessment of debris remaining on the shoreline and nearshore waters from Hurricane Michael and developing a plan for removal and disposal.

Type of Project: Hurricane Response Marine Debris Removal Fund

Region: Florida

Project Dates: November 2020 - September 2023

Who is involved?
With support from the Hurricane Response Marine Debris Removal Fund, a partnership between the NOAA Marine Debris Program and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the City of Mexico Beach will assess debris remaining from Hurricane Michael. 

What is the project and why is it important?
In October 2018, Hurricane Michael made landfall on the Gulf Coast of Florida as a devastating Category 5 hurricane. According to the National Hurricane Center, the City of Mexico Beach experienced flooding of over 14 feet due to the storm surge and high waves. Catastrophic damage was reported within the City. Up to 80% of the City’s structures suffered severe damage and debris was also deposited along the beach and nearshore waters from nearby locations. The quantity and location of most of this debris remains unknown, but debris continues to wash up along the beach and poses a serious hazard to boaters, swimmers, and beach goers. Through this grant, a hydrographic assessment of 16,550 linear feet of beach will be completed to locate and quantify debris. A plan for removal and disposal of debris will then be developed based on the results of the assessment.