A damaged skiff partially buried in the sand.

Marine Debris Prevention and Removal in Yakutat, Alaska

Working with the local community, the City and Borough of Yakutat, Alaska, is removing marine debris from 50 miles of shoreline, and partnering with tribal, federal, and local organizations to conduct initial assessments followed by cleanup and outreach.

Type of Project: North America Marine Debris Prevention and Removal

Region: Alaska

Project Dates: October 2021 - September 2023

Who is involved?
This project brings together a group of local and regional organizations, led by the City and Borough of Yakutat and supported by the NOAA Marine Debris Program, to remove marine debris from 50 miles of shoreline. Yakutat Tlingit tribes and the local police department are providing local expertise and project support. In addition, the National Park Service, Forest Service, and the U.S. Coast Guard are continuing their history of local marine debris removal support by providing operational support and guidance for this project.

What is the project and why is it important?
The city of Yakutat sits at the northeastern corner of the Gulf of Alaska. The remote, flat, and sandy beaches that characterize this part of Alaska have led it to be called “The Lost Coast.”  Marine debris from local and far off sources wash up and are stranded on these beaches, often in large volumes.

This project, a collaboration of multiple partners led by the City and Borough of Yakutat, is removing debris from over 50 miles of shorelines spread across 5 different operational areas.  The removed debris is being transported to Yakutat for sorting, categorizing, and weighing in order to better understand the types and amount of debris that are common in the region, and to allow for recycling or reuse of items wherever possible. Throughout the project the partners are working to build local awareness of the removal efforts and outcomes by utilizing local radio and media, as well as engaging communities through local public events and school presentations.

For more information about this project, visit the Marine Debris Program Clearinghouse.

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