Modeling and Monitoring

Guidelines for the Monitoring and Assessment of Plastic Litter in the Ocean

The principle purpose of this report is to provide recommendations, advice and practical guidance, for the establishment of programmes to monitor and assess the distribution and abundance of plastic litter, also referred to as plastic debris, in the ocean. The intention is to promote a more harmonised approach to the design of sampling programmes, the selection of appropriate indicators (i.e.

Cover of the GESAMP report.

Development of the Gulf of Mexico Marine Debris Model

One of the most pressing needs when addressing marine debris dispersion caused by a major storm is to assess and verify debris locations. Knowing where high densities of marine debris are likely to be found could greatly assist in developing survey priorities and in planning for debris removal. Moreover, a simple, inexpensive, rapid, and verifiable mode to predict marine debris densities could be very useful to federal and state manages dealing with marine debris.

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