Marine Debris in the


People watch as derelict vessels are loaded onto a barge.
This region includes North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

The Southeast region has a productive, diverse, and beautiful coast, with over 8,500 miles of tidal shorelines. Over 3 million people live and work in coastal communities in this region, where tourism and recreation are important economic drivers. Unfortunately, marine debris not only spoils the beauty of Southeast coastlines, it also creates health and safety hazards, threatens the boating and fishing community, degrades wildlife habitat, and impacts the economy.

In partnership with local agencies, non-governmental organizations, and coastal and fishing communities, the NOAA Marine Debris Program aims to prevent and reduce marine debris in the Southeast through prevention, research, and removal projects, as well as response to severe storms.


The NOAA Marine Debris Program offers several nationwide, competitive funding opportunities for marine debris projects. These include: marine debris removal grants; prevention through education and outreach grants; and research grants. Learn more about these opportunities.