Eating Plastic is a Deadly Meal

Educator's Guide to Marine Debris: SE and Gulf of Mexico.

A timed activity/game demonstrating the difficulty of distinguishing "food" from plastic debris for marine life like seabirds.

The Educator's Guide to Marine Debris in the Southeast and Gulf of Mexico is designed for educators in both formal and informal education situations. It is a regional introduction to three main categories of marine debris: litter; derelict or abandoned boats; and lost or abandoned commercial and recreational fishing gear. It is appropriate for grades 5-8.

Lesson Plans
Marine Debris Topics:  
• Impacts  
• Grade 3-5  
• Grade 6-8  
• Informal  
NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas:  
• LS2: Ecosystems  
• Math  
• Physical Science  
• Life Science  
Special Categories:  
• Crafts, Fun & Games  
• Models  
NOAA Regions:   • Gulf of Mexico  • Southeast
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