Microplastics & Microfibers Research in the Classroom

Cover of Microplastics in the Classroom lesson plan.

Microplastics, or plastic particles smaller than 5mm, and the closely related microfibers might be small in size, but they have a huge impact on our environment. Through a partnership with the NOAA Marine Debris Program and National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean and Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation created two engaging, hands-on lessons to explore the critical issue of microplastics and microfibers. These inquiry-based lessons provide students with practice in the scientific method, as well as an understanding of plastic pollution research and action. 

You can learn more about this project, as well as find a presentation and recording from a workshop describing these lessons, at the Blue Ocean Society website.

Marine Debris Topics:  
• Types and Sources  
• Microplastics  
• Solutions  
• Grade 6-8  
• Grade 9-12  
NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas:  
• ESS3: Earth and Human Activity  
• Math  
• Earth Science  
• Physical Science  
Special Categories:  
• Class Discussion  
• Scientific Method  
NOAA Regions:   • Northeast
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