Turning the Tide on Trash

Marine Debris Curriculum.

Turning the Tide on Trash is a learning guide on marine debris. This set of lesson plans and background information introduces educators, students and researchers to the topic of marine debris. The interdisciplinary education guide is designed to provide maximum flexibility in the classroom: it can be used as a stand-alone teaching tool or to supplement work in other subject areas. Appropriate for grades K-12.

Marine Debris Topics:  
• Types and Sources  
• Impacts  
• Solutions  
• How to Help  
• Grade K-2  
• Grade 3-5  
• Grade 6-8  
• Grade 9-12  
NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas:  
• LS2: Ecosystems  
• LS4: Biological Evolution  
• ESS2: Earth’s Systems  
• PS1: Matter and Its Interactions  
• ESS3: Earth and Human Activity  
• ETS1: Engineering Design  
• Math  
• Language Arts  
• Social Studies  
• Earth Science  
• Physical Science  
• Life Science  
Special Categories:  
• Citizen Science  
• Cleanups & Waste Audits  
• Student Advocacy  
• Research  
• Class Discussion  
• Scientific Method  
• Action Project  
NOAA Regions:   • Alaska  • Gulf of Mexico  • Mid-Atlantic  • Pacific Islands  • Pacific Northwest
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