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There is no formal state program in Alaska dedicated to addressing abandoned or derelict vessels, however, the state has passed legislation under the Abandoned and Derelict Vessels Act that provides a legal framework for dealing with ADVs. The state has also established an ad-hoc ADV Task Force designed to bring together state and federal agencies, municipalities and other interested stakeholders to address ADVs in a coordinated manner.


Because Alaska does not have a formal program in place for abandoned and derelict vessels, there is no dedicated funding source. State agencies or municipalities may recover some costs through the proceeds from the sale of derelict and abandoned vessels at public auction.

Legislative Overview

Although Alaska does not have a formal program, they have enacted laws specifically for ADVs under the Abandoned and Derelict Vessels Act (see Alaska Stat. § 30.30.010 - § 30.30.180). The laws in this Act, which are administered by Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources, include provisions for the designation, taking, notification and disposal of abandoned and derelict vessels. Alaska also has laws that address the abandonment of vessels at vessel repair businesses under Title 30.

Point of Contact

Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources is the lead agency with regards to abandoned and derelict vessels in the state's harbors.

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