Derelict barge off of Horn Island.


Mississippi does have a formal program to address abandoned and derelict vessels that is administered by the Department of Marine Resources. The Department can initiate litigation or other legal actions to facilitate the removal of the derelict vessel, and may remove or cause to be removed any derelict vessel, or vessel determined to be a hazard to public safety or the environment.

Legislative Summary

In Mississippi, the ADV program is administered by the Department of Marine Resources pursuant to Title 49 of the State's Code. These statutes and administrative codes covering abandoned and derelict vessels address liability issues, removal and disposal requirements, vessel salvage, and include penalties for people who fail to remove derelict vessels. Mississippi statues, however, do not address ADVs that are found on private property, unless it is a private canal with a navigable connection to coastal wetlands.

Funding Summary

The Mississippi Derelict Vessel Act established the Derelict Vessel Fund under Title 49, Chapter 27, to cover the administrative costs and removal costs incurred by the Department of Marine Resources for the removal of ADVs. Monies from this fund can also be used as a match for municipal and county funds to cover the costs of removing additional vessels.

POC Summary

The Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources is vested with the jurisdiction and authority over the removal of abandoned and derelict vessels in the State of Mississippi, through the Department of Marine Resources.

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