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The U.S. Virgin Islands do not have a formal and dedicated program for addressing abandoned and derelict vessels. They do have a number of laws primarily administered by the Department of Planning and Natural Resources that address derelict and abandoned vessels on public and private property in relation to environmental protection, navigational hazards, and public health and safety.


U.S. Virgin Islands Code created a Coastal Protection Fund under Title 12 that can be used by the Department of Planning and Natural Resources to address oil spill prevention and pollution control. The fund is limited to the sum of $1,000,000 and is maintained by license fees, penalties and other fees and charges related to this chapter, including administrative expenses and costs of pollution removal. The fund can be used to pay for the Department’s administrative and personnel expenses, pollution abatement, equipment and other costs related to the enforcement of this chapter, which includes the removal of derelict vessels.

Legislative Overview

The U.S. Virgin Islands ADV laws include those under Title 12 Conservation (Oil spill prevention and control), Title 19 for solid and hazardous waste management, and Title 25 Navigation, under the provisions for removal of sunken watercraft or other obstructions. These laws outline notification procedures and allow for the removal and disposal of vessels that are in violation of the provisions under these titles.

Point of Contact

The U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources is the lead agency for abandoned and derelict vessels in the territory.

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