Maryland does have a formal program to address abandoned vessels that is managed by the Department of Natural Resources. The statutes include rules governing the designation, notification, titling requirements, and removal authority of abandoned vessels on both private and public property.

Legislative Summary

Maryland has established laws and regulations that address abandoned vessels through the State Boat Act, under Maryland Code Title 8 subtitle 7. Sections under this title specifically deal with designating vessels as abandoned, civil and criminal penalties of vessel abandonment, removal and disposal requirements, and the title acquisition process that must be followed by private citizens.

Funding Summary

The state program for abandoned vessels is funded by the State Boating Act through the Waterway Improvement Fund (Md. Code, Com. Law § 8-707), which funds a variety of projects including channel marking, clearing debris, dredging, erosion control and construction. The Waterway Improvement Fund is funded through the collection of state excise taxes from the sale and registration of vessels.

POC Summary

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is the lead agency for abandoned vessels within the state.

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