Derelict boat sinking in a lake.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire does not currently have a formal abandoned/derelict vessel program. They do have statutes, which are administered through the commissioner of the Department of Safety and enforced by the Marine Patrol, that specifically address abandoned boats, and make it illegal for any person to abandon a vessel at any time on the waters of the state.

Legislative Summary

New Hampshire's Revised Statutes specifically address abandoned boats in § 270-B. The provisions under this chapter define abandonment, establish jurisdiction and impoundment authority, set notification and redemption requirements, and address liability and disposal procedures. In addition, statutes administered by the Pease Development Authority provide regulations addressing abandoned vessels within the state's ports and harbors and under the jurisdiction of the Authority.

Funding Summary

The State of New Hampshire does not have a dedicated mechanism for funding the processing and removal of abandoned or derelict vessels. The costs associated with the removal, storage and disposal of abandoned vessels are the responsibility of the last registered owner, however, if the owner cannot be identified, then the state or the purchaser (if the vessel is sold) become responsible for paying the costs and releasing any liens on the vessel associated with its removal.

POC Summary

The Department of Safety administers the abandoned and derelict vessel statutes in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Marine Patrol, a division of the state police, deals with enforcement matters concerning ADVs.

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