Demolition of a derelict house boat.

New Jersey

New Jersey does not have a formal abandoned and derelict vessel program with dedicated funding, but the state has enacted legislation that deals specifically with abandoned vessels under the Abandoned or Sunken Vessels Disposition Law, which makes it illegal for anyone to abandon a vessel and makes them liable to substantial penalties if they do.

Legislative Summary

New Jersey's Abandoned or Sunken Vessels Disposition Laws under Title 12, address the possession, titling and junk certification of abandoned vessels. Under these statutes, it is unlawful for any owner to abandon a vessel without consent upon public land or waters, municipal land, on private property or on the water immediately adjacent unless it is an emergency. It is also unlawful to willingly abandon a flat-bottomed boat, barge, scow or raft.

Funding Summary

The State of New Jersey does not have a dedicated funding source for dealing with abandoned or derelict vessels. Costs of removing and disposing of vessels can be recovered through the sale of forfeited vessels or through penalties collected for statute violations. The state may also receive funds from bonds secured as a requirement for abandoned vessels under N.J. Revised Statutes Title 12, Chapter 7C, that can be used to remove a bonded vessel if it becomes stranded or sinks.

POC Summary

The Motor Vehicle Commission administers the laws for abandoned vessels in New Jersey.

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