Ohio does not have a formal program that manages the removal and disposal of abandoned or derelict vessels. A collection of state laws under Title 15, Conservation of Natural Resources, set forth the various procedures that local law enforcement officers and private individuals need to comply with when removing and disposing of abandoned or derelict vessels.

Legislative Summary

In Ohio, under Title 15, it is unlawful to purposely leave an abandoned junk vessel on private property without permission. It is also unlawful to leave a vessel in a sunken, beached, or drifting condition for any period of time, or on public property, or within the right-of-way of any waterway without notifying local law enforcement officials. The provisions under Title 15 also outline the notification process, and address removal and disposal requirements.

Funding Summary

Ohio does not have a dedicated funding source for addressing abandoned or derelict vessels. The proceeds from the sale of abandoned and derelict vessels taken pursuant to Ohio Revised Code, Title 15, can be used to reimburse the state for the costs that were incurred during the removal of the vessel.

POC Summary

Law enforcement agencies within Ohio’s various “municipal corporations, towns or townships” are responsible for arranging the removal and storage or disposal of abandoned or derelict junk vessels.

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