North Carolina

Derelict pleasure boat ready for removal.


North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

ADV Program?


ADV Legislation?


State Funding?


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North Carolina does not have a formal program to administer abandoned or derelict vessels. They do have laws that allow for a person to obtain ownership over abandoned vehicles, including vessels, but the state does not have any legislation or programs that regulate the removal or disposal of ADVs.


North Carolina does not have a dedicated funding source for addressing abandoned or derelict vessels, and the laws for ADVs lack any reference to who has responsibility for the costs associated with removing these vessels.

Legislative Overview

North Carolina littering laws, which are enforced by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, make it unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to place, deposit or leave, either temporarily or permanently, any scrapped vehicle or equipment in or upon any navigable waters of the state.

Point of Contact

North Carolina’s Wildlife Resources Commission is the agency that administers the state’s Boating and Water Safety provisions for abandoned vessels.

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